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In February 2014 we purchased Morpeth Butchery to process out Hunter Natural beef and lamb for the Farmers Markets.

We also wanted to bring healthy, grass fed Hunter Natural beef and lamb to the people of the lower hunter

Located at 143 Swan Street Morpeth 2321

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Hunter Natural

Hunter Natural is a property located in the Upper Hunter Valley, owned and operated by the same owners as Morpeth Butchery. Morpeth Butchery source a lot of their beef and lamb from Hunter Natural, which is something we pride on being a environmentally friendly and sustainable farm.

All livestock on the Hunter Natural farm is grass-fed along with us creating our own natural fertilisers so we can reduce or completely eliminate any chemical fertilisers we use for our animals.

If you would like to learn more about Hunter Natural, what we can offer and our process, please click on the link below.